Ransomware Can Keep Networks Down for Weeks.

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The whole point of data protection isn't simply to protect data; It's to keep your enterprise running, even in the event of a cyberattack. But advanced cyberattacks affect operations by making backup data inaccessible and operating systems unusable, resulting in lost productivity and revenue loss.

Such challenges are why the average amount of time it takes an organization to restore networks following a ransomware attack is 16 days. Being prepared not just to defend your systems but to mitigate the effects of an attack can make a huge difference, yet:

Only 1 in 10 companies proactively address cyber risk reduction

54% of IT decision-makers believe ransomware attacks are too sophisticated for their teams to handle on their own

• Companies that proactively deploy security Al and automation save an average of $3.8 million to recover from a cyber breach

Find out how you can protect your assets AND your operations with Prepare Now or Pay Later, a guide that introduces you to how Data Protection Services (DPS) works to help defend against cyberattacks and recover quickly and effectively when one occurs.

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