IT Workers Will Soon Look to Leave. Don't Let Turnover Slow You Down.

Engineering as a Service (EaaS) Provides You with the Team and Tools to
Fill Your IT Resource Gaps


Engineering as a Service (EaaS) provides the team and tools to fill your IT resource gaps, when you need it

1 Out Of 3 IT Workers Will Soon Look to Leave1, making it harder than ever before to hold on to your IT staff, and that turnover is making it hard to keep digitally-driven ambitions on track. IT challenges faced by enterprises big and small across the entire spectrum of industries include:


It's hard to retain the IT workers who keep your projects moving. IT jobs in the US have an annual turnover rate of 13.2%; that's the highest of any industry.
Replacing IT staff is costly. Up to 150% of salary is the typical cost of replacing a single tech employee.
IT staffing gaps equal lost opportunities. If the country's software developer shortage keeps growing at the current pace, the annual unrealized economic output is projected to hit $162 billion.


That's where Engineering as a Service (EaaS) comes in. Eaas gives you the IT resources and reliability of a giant firm, without the giant cost, by allowing you to dip into a toolbox of IT specialists with the services you need, when you need them. This will fill your IT gaps and creates certainty in tech resources

Our guide to Eaas, Your Digital Swiss Army Knife, lays out how the deep and consistent services powered by an Eaas enables flexibility, dependability, and precision in handling all of your IT matters, thereby maximizing opportunities for your operation.

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